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Tii Technical Education Systems TII’s broad product line offers instruction in each of the major areas of technology skills training used in industrial systems today: Power Technology, Control Systems, and Integrated Automation.

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WHITEBOX Learning STEM Learning  modules with cloud-based curriculum, hands-on lab activities and projects for grade levels 5 – 12.
Cloud-Based Design and Test Competitions for Students.

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PA Hilton Ltd. Teaching equipment for Engineering Programs, including: Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Marine, Process, and Fuel Cell technology.
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Cadsoft Envisioneer Cadsoft Envisioneer™ is powerful industrial software used for 3D architectural CAD design, modeling, rendering, CAD details, material lists and more, with a focus on residential and light commercial construction. It is the best product available to use in multiple disciplines in education: Architectural CAD, Interior Design, Building Trades, Landscape Design, Architectural Presentations and more!
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LaserPro LaserPro Laser Engravers/Cutters are one of the most technologically advanced laser engravers on the market. These easy to operate machines have been designed with quality, productivity, and safety in mind. The GCC LaserPro is the perfect tool for many disciplines:

* Architectural Design

* Graphic Arts / Fine Arts

* School Fundraising

* Entrepreneurship classes

* Manufacturing Technology

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Hampden Engineering Major manufacturer of education equipment for engineering, vocational technical, alternative energies, industrial and apprenticeship training programs.

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